Join the NGOs ("Suma't a les ONG socials"). 
The Barcelona city council asked an NGOs association to create a campaign for Christmas time. The goals was to engage citizens with local NGOs and raise awareness about their work. The idea was to shift the Christmas spirit to a year-round commitment with local NGOs. The ads linked to a database site that helped to find the organization that better suited your profile and availability.

Real people instead of dreamy perfumes: 
Like many cities Barcelona is dazed with lihgts, ads and credit cards. It was a pleasure to feature real people with real needs in the middle of this desire climate.
slides from the presentation: "Christmas –––– NGO"
What Christmas and NGOs share? Generosity, magic, kindness…
"You are the invisible friend of Barcelona, join the social NGOs" The "invisible friend" is a catalan tradition.
The hexagon was a heritage from a previous campaign, here are some examples of how to use it.
I love NY > I help BCN?
Pictures of the final press ads. "Join the social NGOs"
Ad by
The campaign raised a good awareness and the slogan was cited and used by the media. "Barcelona searches for invisible friends"
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