Join the NGOs ("Suma't a les ONG socials")
The Barcelona city council asked an NGOs association to create a campaign for Christmas time. The goals was to engage citizens with local NGOs and raise awareness about their work. The idea was to shift the Christmas spirit to a year-round commitment with local NGOs. The ads linked to a database site that helped to find the organization that better suited your profile and availability.
Real people instead of dreamy perfumes 
Like many cities Barcelona is dazed with lihgts, ads and credit cards. It was a pleasure to feature real people with real needs in the middle of this desire climate.
slides from the presentation: "Christmas –––– NGO"
What Christmas and NGOs share? Generosity, magic, kindness…
"You are the invisible friend of Barcelona, join the social NGOs" The "invisible friend" is a catalan tradition.
The hexagon was a heritage from a previous campaign, here are some examples of how to use it.
I love NY > I help BCN?
Pictures of the final press ads. "Join the social NGOs"
Ad by
The campaign raised a good awareness and the slogan was cited and used by the media. "Barcelona searches for invisible friends"

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